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In the name of
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Tailor made look

Welcome to the Shivachi atelier! Here, every day different businesses come, so we can do the finishing touches on the way, that they offer their products and services.

We dress good stories with beautiful design and help brands stand out and be authentic … and the best thing is we can do it for a long time in the future!

The full story behind Shivachi

  • Why

    An old proverb says “They greet you by your looks, they send you away by your smarts.” - it is applicable to every business, which tried to look brilliant and tell an exciting story.

  • How

    Through attention and taking the right measures, your business strategy will be tailor-made and find its best application.

  • What

    We believe in beauty and technologies, which is why we create modern graphic and web designs, video, animations and advertising strategies, in which you will fall in love.

Marketing services

Before we pick the best solution for your looks, it is key to make a thorough analysis and a high-quality strategy. Because even the most expensive clothes won’t do you any good if you don’t wear them at the right time.

  • Branding

    This is the suit of every business - how it looks, what colors does it use and what exactly will it emphasize on. This is the complete corporate identity, brand history and logo.

  • Storytelling

    Every good story needs a good narrator. It is his job to tell the customer the whole process of how to build the brand story.

  • Strategy

    The greatest achievements in history are achieved thanks to good strategy and courage. We will analyze your business and find the marketing strategy which will bring you victory.

  • Social media profile management

    Statistics shows that we spend 118 minutes every day in social media, with the tendency of this number increasing. Why shouldn’t your brand be part of this time for its customers? We know how to do that.

Design services

Seamless. Tailormade. Masterful. This is our recipe to create impressive design, which will make your brand presence unforgettable. Authenticity is our motto!

  • Infographics

    Everyone wants to learn the information he needs in a quick, easy and comfortable manner. Infographics are the perfect means, and it is our specialty!

  • Video and animation

    The global tendencies move towards people being more and more in a hurry in their daily lives. A short, practical and meaningful video or animation can be a very good way to present yourselves in front of your customers.

  • Web design

    A website is the digital portrait of every business. This is why it needs to be memorable. Through the proper tailoring and design, we will build an attractive and irresistible website for you.

  • Print materials

    Internal and external communication cannot be done without print materials - sometimes it is better to exit the computer screen and enjoy the company of a masterfully done booklet.

We love our customers

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Meet us

How did we find each other? Our common vision of the world and take on business brought us together in life. Today we are friends, colleagues, brothers in the fight to make the world around us a more beautiful place, with constantly growing businesses that have a strong and sincere connection with their clients.

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